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Every Alta47 home is wired with an expandable Smart Home package that lets you automate your space. Adjust the temperature from your bed. Control the lights while you’re on vacation. Wow your friends with voice-activated party jams. Activate keyless entry, motorized shades, your security system, and your own compatible home theater. Plus, since you can adjust practically everything using a smartphone app and with voice command activated by your own compatible Apple, Amazon and Google smart devices, you’re always in control. It’s comfort and convenience at your command.


All homes come with the standard Smart package that includes lighting automation, a remote-access garage door, a remote-access thermostat, a turbo-grade wireless router to support the entire system, and a combination of jacks, prewires, and a Lutron Smart Bridge to make expansion a breeze.


Yes. In addition the standard Smart package, there are two upgraded packages as well as à la carte options that you can completely customize during a consultation with one of our Smart Home specialists.

Alta47 also offers a Smart Kitchen design option. Chefs will love the Wi-Fi-enabled dishwasher, Bluetooth-enabled stove and hood, and a touchscreen refrigerator that lets you order groceries online, leave virtual notes, create flavored water, and more.


The standard package included in every Alta47 home purchase, with:

  • Entryway smart light switches
  • Smart thermostat
  • Smart garage door
  • All the hardware elements (wireless router and Lutron Smart Bridge) necessary to enable these


An upgraded package including all of the above features, plus:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Main-level smart light switches
  • Smart door lock
  • Ceiling speakers with Sonos Connect for main level or rooftop terrace


Our top-of-the-line package with all Smarter features, plus a fully customizable Savant System with complete home automation including:

  • Smart climate to control your shades
  • Smart security to monitor and control your cameras and included smart door lock
  • Smart lighting on all 4 levels
  • Additional set of speakers with Sonos CONNECT
  • Smart entertainment to control your TV and included speakers
Package inclusions and availability are subject to change.

If you choose to, you can work directly with a Smart Home specialist from our Baltimore experts in home automation, Starr Systems, to customize a package that works best with your lifestyle. The system is also easily expandable with DIY products available online, and there are no fees or subscriptions.